The Rose Garden in July

Saturday, July 25, 2015 - by Timothy Fraser

In the Rose Garden, the freshness of May and June is suddenly replaced with the heavy opulence and excesses of the month of July.

Paler coloured and single form roses are studded around this garden room to both relieve and compliment the extravagant purples and deep crimsons to avoid the overall perception becoming too heavy and dark.

This is now a garden of soft romance – the formality that holds the garden together throughout the rest of the year is blurred into the background – for now; this is a utopian garden for dreamers and romantics.

Paths and steps have, for now, become almost entirely hidden by the unruly but lavish foliage and flower spilling over to conceal the way.


blush Noisette
This is Blush noisette, an old noisette rose seen here climbing the house wall. It is often grown as a shrub, but to steal a quote from Lady Moore in relation to certain roses - "useless in bed ,much better up against a wall"!

The perfect mid-summer Eden for the romantic daydreamer!

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