The Midsummer White Garden

Saturday, July 25, 2015 - by Timothy Fraser

July is the month in which the White Garden peaks – shades of green with a peppering of white flowers here and there.

The Old Damask Rose 'Madame Hardy'

A corner of the White Garden in the early morning - with varying intensities of green

Green, bluey green and white and green variegated foliage blend together with just a dusting of white flowers

White Rose Bay Willow Herb, Epilobium angustifolium ‘Album’ – A graceful beauty, it sways around in a gentle breeze, deceiving its rampant misbehaviour. This year, it is proving to be quite well-mannered and obedient, but three years ago, action had to be taken to curb its rather invasive nature when it threatened to engulf the entire bed that it occupies at the cost of every other neighbouring plant.

white rosebay willow herb, Epilobium angustifolium Album
The white Moss rose ‘Blanche Moreau’ is now in bud. Raised by Moreau – Robert in France in the year 1880, its parents are believed to be ‘Comtesse de Murinais’ and ‘Quatre Saisons’, which would account for the appearance of the odd few flowers that it produces in autumn. This Moss Rose is a recent addition to the White Garden and we hold her in high esteem as a veritable sophisticated beauty.

Rosa ‘Blanche Moreau’

Regal lilies filling the air with a heavy intoxicating air late in the evening

Regal lilies following a welcome evening summer shower, release their heavy scent around the small enclosed white garden

Texture provided by stachys, commonly known as lambs’ ears. This is the lesser known form, big ears. Silverings like this contribute much to the cooling effect of this small monochrome garden.

Here is rosa blanche moreau - white flowers emerging from wet mossy buds following three days of heavy rain

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